Home Depot Bookshelf
The final component of a series of experiments setting rules for myself to make objects inside Home Depot retail stores. The design of the bookshelves was also informed by the essay APPROACHES TO WHAT by Georges Perec, most specifically the article on arranging one's bookshelf, and the different manners in which books are displayed, due to the motives of their owner.
3a-b: The same book case displaying books two different ways, relating books and their covers to aesthetic fields.
2: The books are stored in a way which is intended to make the owner aware of the books they hope to read, with urgency increasing as the books move up the "shelves" and then, hypothetically, fall off the bookcase all together.
1: The first bookshelf made in the aisles. The form came directly from rules established before entering the Home Depot: 1 material only, from 3 different aisles, under 20$. The bookshelf utilizes the existing architecture of a space, while contributing a slim storage space which may be displayed in and moved to any room in a home.
3a 3b